Rent a car in Greece!

Rent a car in Greece!

Select your Greek destination and let us find the best car rental deal for you!

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When making a booking with you will be prompted to pay a small deposit to secure your booking. We will pass the booking on to our affiliates. Except to the extent of the law, we do not accept any responsibility on any dispute that might arise from your rental. We will not be liable for any losses or damages, direct or indirect, that might arise from your rental.

Booking at is completed at 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Select the location, the dates and the times that you desire
  • 2. Select from the list of available cars and prices that are shown, what best suits your price range and needs
  • 3. Select any extra policies or equipment that you desire
  • 4. Complete and secure your booking by paying the indicated amount. Please take extra time to review each step to avoid mistakes.

PAYMENTS does not keep, store or in any way use any of your billing information. Payments are securely handled through Paypal or Secure Bank Sites. Payments do not take place on our site, they are processed through Paypal or secure Bank Sites.

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When making a booking with we are required to pass on your contact information to our local agent that will handle your rental. We will give only your complete name, e-mail, telephone number and the contact details for the period that you request the car rental services. This is necessary for our partners, in order to recognise you at the time of arrival. It is also necessary in order to secure your booking. Your billing information will not be passed on since we will not know your full billing details. might securely keep your personal contact information (e-mail, name and contact information) until the end of your rental period. This is done to secure that we can get in touch with you during the rental period if any matters arise. After that your personal information is permanently erased.

When you use you will not receive any other e-mail from us, unless it is clearly relevant to your booking.

We, absolutely, do not participate in any Spam mail campaigns. If you receive any e-mail, claiming to be from and it is not relevant to your booking please notify us immediately and we will use all means to correct the problem.

At the end of your rental period you might receive an e-mail from asking for feedback on your experience from the use of our site and the actual rental provider. This e-mail will provide you with a link that will enable you, if you so desire, to be added to the mail list for “Our Latest Offers”. You will be promptly linked for your choice and you will be added to the list only if you clearly indicate so. is fully committed to implementing the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (2003) and all the subsequent amendments. This commitment covers only. Any other sites that are linked on to the original website are covered by our privacy policy commitment.

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In order to keep our costs down we have to manage our fleets very efficiently and keep the cars running continuously. Alterations in schedules result in loss of rental days and increase of running daily costs. Therefore will NOT refund your deposit, after you have secured your booking. Please use careful planning and do not book until you are absolutely sure about the booking you are trying to secure.

After you have secured your booking you will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation. Included will be an invoice for the payment you made to secure your booking as well as a voucher for your actual rental. Included will be the contact details of the rental car provider. Contact details for the rental car provider will include name, address, phone number, e-mail and directions for finding your rental car at the time of delivery. If the need for any modifications on your reservation might arise, you can contact the car rental provider directly. Modifications on your original reservation might carry additional charges that will be pay directly to the car rental provider.

Complaints relating to the use of the site, booking procedure or the actual rental are received in the form of free form e-mail up to 30 days after the end of the rental period. They are properly coded and filed. Formal complaints are handled directly by appropriate personnel and responses, including appropriate explanations or redeeming actions, if necessary, will be announced up to 20 days after the formal receipt of the complaint.

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